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About Me
I joke and take nothing overly serious, we are all only here for a short time, so why continue being angry at the world? Laugh a little bit. I will change my avatars and pictures often, generally to some form of a meme for entertainment. Remember they are jokes!
I'm a pretty old dude, I enjoy video games. I'm currently attempting to finish a bachelors with hopes of medical school. I spent 17 years working EMS and other Rescue stuff. You might have seen me on Twitch or Mixer in the past, but Dlive is my new home.

More of a variety streamer, this will be a stream with gaming, politics, or interesting news.
Social Networking
I have a Rumble Channel where I post videos of my dogs and messy house. Come check it out.

MeWe: Ruskie1977
Chat Rules
No one likes them, but I will only ban for certain things.
1. Racism - not talking about a misfire of a word, but consistent racism in my channel will be gone.
2. Don't be a douche - this is directly linked to rule 1.
3. If this is a political debate, please have facts. We can debate opinions all day with no clear understanding... Change my mind with actual unbiased facts.
4. No Stream Sniping - if you are searching for clout search with someone else I'm here for fun and to mess around.

Join the conversation - potentially the party if I am playing a game and it is multi-player, unless already contracted with something else we can always play.
Video of the Week!
Here is a video of the week. Each week I will post a funny video involving my animals. Enjoy!
Make my Doggos Viral! Help the Stream!

Updated every Tuesday at 0900

For the week of 12/15 Video
Streaming Schedule (Subject to change)
Monday - 1300 - 1700 PST
Tusday -
Wenesday -
Thursday - 1300 - 1700 PST
Friday - 1300 - 1700 PST
Saturday - 1300 - 1700 PST
Sunday -

I am still working out the kinks I eventually will nail down a time.
Follower/Sub Giveaway
At 200 Followers I will be doing a giveaway for a funco pop vinyl figurine. Building the channel and getting people entertained and educated is my goal. But being able to do fun stuff like this will be at the heart of the channel.