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Welcome to my channel <3

I'm Ryu, a lover of all things gaming, comics, movies, and general geekery. I have been gaming since I was a small child and will never tire of this culture!

Currently there is no set schedule, I simply stream when I've got the time to enjoy a game.

I will give at least a 10 minute update on when I'll be live via Discord and Twitter
I tend to play RPGs and Action-Adventure genres the most. I love me a good story and set of characters. I try to stick with playing a game on stream only once, though let's be honest: Some games deserve to be played a few times thru!

::Reoccurring/ongoing titles include::
Final Fantasy XIV

I do, gladly, take suggestions for future streams. Any games that are donated will be added to the "Future Games to Play" list.
I'm not a fan of "rules" per se, but here are some guidelines so we can all get along and enjoy our time :)

1) No links, spamming, or excessive use of Caps-lock.

2) Please avoid spoilers >>
*A spoiler = anything that reveals future story progression and/or plots or character reveals and/or progression.*

3) Please do not be overly rude or offensive to your fellow chat fam. >>
*It is very difficult to offend me, but please be courteous to your family in chat if things get emotional, rude, or overly offensive. Please understand we all have opinions and viewpoints that may differ. Keep the peace <3.*

In short: Don't be a jerk and let's play some games!!
Donations are **never** required but are always appreciated.
or Click the pic <3

For those that have donated; I can't thank y'all enough for the kindness and I will forever be humbled by your generosity and support. Seriously, thank you.