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AF Veteran who does not have a filter
28 Years of age.
Be positive & helpful to other viewers.
Be respectful to moderators.
Do not self promote!
Do not ask to me to play with other streamers.
Do not disrespect other streamers or create drama between streamers.
Jokes about mental disorders will result in a ban.
Racism or discrimination will result in a ban.
English only.
Avoid religious & political discussions.
No trading or selling of online accounts or currency.
No set schedule at this time, that is bound to change in the future however.
I9 9900K
16GB DDR4 3200MGZ
2070 GPU
2 Samsung Curved 27in monitors,
Razer Keyboard,Mouse,and Mouse pad.
I will speak to anyone, I welcome any and all to play with me on xbox or steam.

Feel free to ask about my GT In chat!
Donations are not required, and there for will not be asked for ever on the channel.

If however you feel the pledge to give, just know you give without the thoughts of charging back.

If your kind enough to give please do note, I will not personally be keeping it, it will go back into the DLIVE Community for helping another streamer during there streaming career.

Make sure to check out these 2 communties on FiveM

Syndicate RP- Serious rp server with people from all around the world.

British Police RP- Alot of british player base wise, few american's however the owner of this community is a legend on Dlive platform wise.
These people mean alot to me and therefore have been added to my Hall of Fame.

These people go above and beyond the call of the dlive community to help others before they help themselves.

Please if you all would be so kind to check them out tell them SGT Woods sent you

DLIVE Team Members (This man right here is truly one of a kind, He happens to be the maker of TidyLabs Bot for the platform, he goes above and beyond the call of the platforms users, to help any and all at all cost. He also happens to host the weekly DLIVE Community meeting. Check this man out and give him a follow.

(Dlive Guardians) (They happen to be a Dlive Guardian, who is funny af and will help you with anything u need at all. (This is a streamer who is also a helper in Tidy discord, which is the maker of TidyLabs. (This man has achieved the highest ranking on the Platform known as Global Partner, He is a legend of a sticker maker for your channel and does it free of charge however please do not take advantage of the mans heart. He is one of a kind. (This M8 is a monster of a streamer and deserves all the love that he can get, he also happens to run a super nice GTA 5M RP Community. He also so happens to do custom bots for users on the platform, check this m8 out and give him a follow. again truly one of a kind. (Verified Partner)
This dude here is freaking epic, does 24 hours streams in his sleep, like they are nothing. Streams more then anyone on dlive that I have ever come across. and plays FIVEM. You never know what you will get with him might be crazy, might be quite, or might be one hell of a ride. Only time will tell what this man does on the platform. support him by dropping him a follow. (This Female streamer is an up and coming streamer here on the platform, very active in the Dlive community discord, engages her community very very well when streaming, and oh so kind. check her out and give her a follow.
Click the link above to be taken into my gaming discord, anyone and everyone is welcome, please no racist, sexual, or politics.

Other then that HAPPY Gaming