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Hey everyone!!! Welcome to the channel.I have retired from streaming on a regular basis. In other words, you may catch me here for special events, charities, or to help out another streamer. I've been on DLive since February 16, 2019. Feel free to smash that follow button to know if I go live. Additionally, you can follow me on Twitter because I always post there when I am going live or planning to do something. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in chat.

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1. Be kind to one another.
2. Respect the moderators.
3. No self promoting.
4. Don't disrespect other streamers.
5. Racism and/or discrimination is an auto ban.
6. Avoid any religious or politically driven discussions.
7. No trading or selling of any kind allowed.
8. Don't ask to play with Skully unless it's a special stream setup for that.
9. NO BULLYING!!! This will result in a ban.
11. Have fun and enjoy the stream!!!

If you come into the chat or join me on stream and start any drama, you will be banned from the channel. I want to provide great content and drama is not allowed here. One thing that will get you banned the fastest is disrespecting my moderators. Don't do it. We all want to have fun, so lets have fun.

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How old are you? 36

How tall are you? 5'6"

Have any tattoos? 3; right upper arm, left lower arm, chest piece

Were you in the military? Yes; 7.5 years Army

What do you do for full-time work? Federal contractor

If you wanna know anything else, please feel free to ask in chat. I will answer as many questions as I can as I see them.
Donations are appreciated but not required. If you want to donate, just click on the link and submit the donation. **All donations are final and the streamer/platform is not responsible for any chargebacks. **Do not donate unless you have the legal right to do so from the debit/credit card you are donating from.
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