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welcome on our international music and gaming channel / talk in english and german

Its a channel for music, fun, relaxing and good vibes only.

🤙 let us start the party 🤙

🚫no politics
🚫no drama
🚫no racism

🚫no lemon begging
🚫no begging for followers or subs
🚫no advertising for own or other channel

Please no politics incl no Trump Sticker ⚠️
not all americans loves him 😉 we want party no trouble.

no racism ⚠️ everybody is welcome 🤙

we are now from 42 countrys around the world on the little island, i love it.

music is love ❤️
music connects the world

thx ✌️ much love

ps: live streams from events are in planning
RIP my friend 🕯
Dear people please don't underestimate this shit with Covid. This isn't a normal cold.

He was one of us.
infected, 4 weeks induced coma, died 18.12.2021.
Covid is a fu...bitch!!! There are harmless and severe variants.
You never know what you might catch. Take care and stay safe.
⚠️ so important ⚠️
only together we are strong. stand together and let be the rushing and splitting of the community.