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Hey everyone! First off thanks for stopping by! I appreciate every bit of support I can get and NEVER take any of it for granite.

Wanna Play?
- Just ask! I love playing with viewers and having an interactive stream! See y’all soon! ❤️
- I try my best to get games in with everyone who wants to play. Limit is 3 games per person (unless a Bro Taco)

- Currently dont have one while work hours are CrAzY!
- Follow me on InstaGram to see when I’m live! I like to live in the moment 😜
- Turn in notifications for when I go live!

- Join today to become a Bro Taco!
- Supports the stream and shows how much you luv it ❤️
- Bro Taco’s get priority with play time!

- I play a large variety to keep it mixed up and fun.
- Main games are:
Dead By Daylight