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We are 4 guys from the heart of Oxford, the midlands legend himself and the man we call The Northerner.

We love to have a laugh while playing video games and as everyone knows you have best time playing when playing with friends. (unless you're constantly carrying them) <<<<KR155 made me write that.

We are a variety stream, so we are up for anything.... well almost ! :)

Welcome to Slamvideos.

(they're all noobs) <<<KR155 wrote that
Come check us out on Youtube. We have lots of videos for you to watch.

Who fancies a cuppa ?
Who pinched my toast ?
Enter the mind of KR155

He has chocolate
The best social network for gamers

because facebook is for cavemen/women
Follow us for notifications on upcoming events.
If you want us to do anything in particular, Don't hesitate to contact us.
To Be Honest we don't have many rules here but the ones we do have must be stuck to. (Liam always breaks the rules)

1. don't be a dick !
2. Play nice, nobody wants to play with an Asshole (unless you like that sort of thing)
3. we are all adults here so if you're offended by the comments of another viewer either ignore them or get a sweet ass comeback ready.
(accepted comebacks are)
1. Yeah well your aim is crap
2. But my mom said i could
c. Then you don't get any chocolate
4. Why don't you go back to fortnite and leave the real gamers alone.