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All donations through this link go directly to the Stand Up to Cancer charity.
All donations through this link go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support.
All donations through this link go directly to Mind.
You can help in the fight against Covid-19.
We've linked our fundraiser to the HopeFromHome campaign, so even if you only have £1 spare, combined with thousands of other folks like you, millions can be helped!
Basic Rules
All the obvious spam is a no go.

This channel contains mature content, but please be civil when swearing in chat.

While we're happy to have anyone along for the ride, we can only read/speak English, please do not spam the chat with anything else unless the context allows it (like a discussion about German words).

My mods we selected because I know them personally and can trust them, do not ask to be made a moderator, and do not argue with their warnings.
*Due to recent changes at work, my life schedule is all out of wack, so I may be a bit more tired than usual*
Monday: Rest or Stream, no set time
Tuesday: Stream 12PM - 5:50PM
Wednesday: 12PM - 5:50PM
Thursday: Stream 12PM - 5:50PM
Friday: Stream 12PM - 5:50PM
Saturday: Stream 12PM - 5:50PM
Sunday: Rest or Stream, no set time
Twitter: @ SMthegamer1
Twitch: SMthegamer
Mixer: SMthegamer1
YouTube: SMthegamer1, SMthegamer2, Siniquitous Gaming, SMYDC, Typical British Gamers
Incent is a fun new Cryptocurrency that pays out when you enter a code seen on stream.
Codes only last 3 minutes, so if you want to earn, you need to watch live!
Want to get rewarded for looking at banner ads or opening tabs?

Gener8 gives you tokens for exactly that, without any effort from you!
You can use those tokens for a varying mix of products, charities, and discounts, including £5 off on Amazon!
I'm proud to be a member of the Creators United Stream Team.
Creators United is a great community aimed at anyone with that creative spark, whether you're a streamer, artist, or even a viewer, we're all here for each other.
I’m partnered with Refereum! Register for an account, connect your Twitch, and start earning rewards by just watching me stream!
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Well if you sign up to Fiverr through my profile you'll get 20% off your first order!

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