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a dead by daylight fiend
Dead by Daylight has slowly but surely became a main staple to my video game diet.
love to run the killer around as much as possible. some what toxic and its sand bag for sandbag! and dont get it twisted im a billy main and love to zoom zoom zoom! :)
apex by association
apex is a love hate relationship if im being honest. i try to increase the games i play between 'll mainly catch me playing with my boys over at BSG. i am not the best but far from the worst.
what you need to know
26 year old male. love to have conversations with new people to either have a good laugh and even learn can't do enough of that. love hip-hop, foot ball i love to watch my ravens run the north. i enjoy entertain people telling jokes and stories while streaming. i work in the retail industry as a regular cog in the machine. and when im not hanging out with lovely girlfriend im doing this, sleeping or just relaxing. so if you like what you see drop a follow and lets get these dubs!! ruthlessly.
stream times
Sunday: 11 P.M to 3 A.M
Monday: 12:30 pm to 5:30 P.M & 11 P.M to 2 A.M
Tuesday: 11:30 to 2 A.M
Wednesday: off
Thursday: IF i can fit it in
Friday:11:30 P.M 2 A.M
Saturday:12 A.M till 3 A.M
Sunday:the mornings will be tricky but on the dark side of the day we got 11:30 P.M till 3 A.M.
Regular Games
im not gonna lie since im new and what not so the list will grow in time.
As well as playing full story modes of games as well.
-Dead By Daylight