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My name is Sage,I'm 27

I'm an all around gamer that enjoys the crap out of some of the newest game titles and nostalgic classic ones.

I enjoy you guys, thank you for watching the stream

Some Fav classics movies: Jurassic park , Ghostbusters, Dawn of the dead, back to the future
Please follow these simple rules for the chat.

📝 Respect each other and treat others how you would like to be treated.
📝 Please do not discriminate others based on sex/race/disabilities.
📝 Please do not spam as it makes it difficult to keep up with the chat if there are a lot of people in the chat.
Sometimes if I'm playing a game, there are some tense moments that require my attention over chat, but I will respond when it calms down. There is no need to spam.
📝 Please do not backseat game if I am doing a gaming stream, if I need help I will ask.
📝 Please speak English as it makes me uncomfortable if I don't understand you and cannot respond back to you. Also most of the people in the chat speak English so you wouldn't get any response as others would not understand you.
📝Please don't ask for the chest to be opened and enjoy the stream!

People who do not follow these rules will get a warning and be timed out as a second warning.
Consistently breaking the rules will result in you being muted in the chat.