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Who is Sapphira?
Hello you lovelies! I am SapphiraFoxMuse, or whatever nickname you wanna call me. Who am I? I'm just your average cat mom that tends to go off on a hyper spree, especially if I've had chocolate milk or ice cream. Now, I will be upfront and honest with you all, I do struggle with depression and social anxiety a lot so do bear with me. I love being able to interact with others and DLive is the perfect way to do that. Without further ado, I hope you all have a fantabulous day. Awoo!
Fair Warning
Proceed with caution! My streams can sometimes venture into the realm of unfiltered, but only when I play with my best friends. In those cases, I will x-tag myself to be on the safe side.
Streaming Schedule
I am currently on indefinite break from streaming for personal reasons. Keep an eye out on my Twitter for an update of when I decide to start streaming again!
Chat Rules
-Be kind to each other.
-Keep that "OPEN CHEST" nonsense out of my chat please or you will be muted, joking or not.
-Do not promote your channel in my stream (i.e. "Hey, I'm streaming right now too!)
-Asking for Lemons will earn you a mute.
-Asking for follows will also earn you a mute.
-For the sake of everyone, please keep political and religious talk to a minimum.
Supporting Sapphira
You can support me by donating Lemons through those lovely buttons above or by clicking on the Streamlabs label to donate cash. Either way is entirely optional but any support is greatly appreciated.

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