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Hi, I’m Sassy! I have been an affiliate on Twitch since 2018 and have made so many new amazing people since then.

I have always struggled with finding a space where I “fit” or felt comfortable being the sassy cursey queen that I am. I was tired of feeling left out or unneeded in my chosen social spaces.

As soon as I started on Twitch that changed, the cool people that I shared interests with on stream became friends and the crazy memorable times that we have shared have made them family. My content is about including everyone, meeting new friends, and going on crazy fun adventures together.

My stream is our stream fam. Let the adventure begin!
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Join the crew, da fam, de team.. tis the area where offline shenigans ensue.

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We do a whole lot outside of stream (game nights, exclusive movie nights etc.)
What: A interactive way for you and I to interact MORE on stream.

Why: Entertainment...THAT'S WHY

How: Purchase a pack ($1, $4 and $7 Packs are available,) , see what cards you get and UNLEASH A STORM OF GIGGLES LIKE NO OTHER.

They are a mix of different games, but I tried to find some that work for a majority of the games I play.
**Please note that all purchases are non-refundable