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Aussie streamer on Youtube Gaming!

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I guess Minecraft is pretty epic, man

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Daily: 7:00 AEST - 10:00 AEST

Follow and things

HITS ARE LIVE! For 1 Diamond, you can get me to kill another streamer in Minecraft!

Also, for those asking about Growtopia: I have been banned permanently due to the duplication exploit in January, so I will not be coming back. Besides, I don't find the game enjoyable anymore and I want to be as far away as possible from its mostly toxic community. Sorry not sorry?

⚠️ RULES! ⚠️

1. Do not spam; a couple of stickers will be alright! It's annoying and unneeded.
2. No extreme hate speech! This also means being toxic. It's harmful for the community and just irritating for us.
3. Do not beg! This includes "follow for follow"! It is annoying for me, the moderators and other viewers!
4. Be patient! Please bear with me! I try to respond to everyone during my stream, and it can be hard to reply to you quickly. If that is so, just wait for a little while. If I am not streaming, feel free to DM me on Discord or Instagram!
5. Keep swearing to a minimum! It's okay to do, if you don't swear excessively or say some really bad words. (Like the n-bomb or something like that.)
6. No NSFW content! Let's be family friendly!
7. Have common sense! Be sensible. Understand what is and isn't right to say and do!
8. *MOST IMPORTANT* Have fun! Enjoy the content and have a good time!

If you break the rules, you will be timed out by our moderators, or permabanned from chat, so please be good! :)

Enjoy your stay!

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