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About Me

My name is Brenton, also known as Saunshi; I'm 19 years old. I'm from South Carolina. I mainly stream on Mixer but recently I've decided to start branching off and multi-streaming with different streaming services. I've been a content creator on Youtube and streaming for roughly 4 years now, I just recently built my dream PC which is leading me to start streaming regularly.Of course the setup isn't 100% complete, but it's to the point where I can stream efficiently. I've been planning on building a PC and streaming daily for a very long time, so I guess you could see this has always been my dream. I've been playing video games practically my entire life, so I like to think I'm half decent and entertaining. I play a variety of different games such as PUBG, R6 Siege, Payday 2, Call of Duty, Dead By Daylight and many other random games I feel like playing.


Donations are never expected / asked for, but are always appreciated so so much no matter the amount and help me out a lot!!! Any tips/donations will only go towards stream improvements and giveaways. If you'd like to help me out and donate to me. all donations will be spent to improve the quality of my streaming equipment and quality of my stream in general.

Here's a link to donate if you'd like to <3


Monday - ~4 pm est.
Tuesday - ~4 pm est.
Wednesday - ~4 pm est.
Thursday - ~4 pm est.
Friday - ~4 pm est.
Saturday - Free Day
Sunday - Free Day


As far as rules, I'm very lenient. I mean after all I'm a toxic Siege player. Jokes aside I'm pretty chill about most subjects and I'm not easily offended. I ask of you to respect others in the stream and my mods, and just have common sense in general.

- Hate speech / racism / discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and will result in an instant timeout / ban.
- Keep all easily offensive subjects such as religion / politics to a minimum.
- No Harassment / Bullying of any kind.
- No Threats / Threatening any mods or viewers in chat at all.
- Suspension Evasion, If you are banned or timed out for any reason by my mods or myself, don't try to get on another account to bypass the timeout or ban. That will result in an instant ban.
- No Spam unless it's encouraged by myself or my mods.
- Please speak in English while using public chat.
- Don't start unnecessary drama in chat with other viewers, my mods, or myself.
- No self promotion whatsoever for any social media.

Social Medias

Xbox Gamertags - Saunshi / iSaunshi / vFpq / Mixer Saunshi
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Youtube - Saunshi
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