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About me
Welcome to the channel of Sckitz, one of Casualty's mods (the 'info dump bot' and 'channel gramps') and one of the earlier adherents to the Cult of the Dook (you can thank LegendOfTotalWar & KaasKikkerKoning for that one), and subsequently smalltime streamer.

Aiming for Mon/Wed/Fri 8/9am (GMT) for a couple or a few hours if there is any schedule to be had. Plus other times, time and bandwidth allowing. If a slot is missed here or there, it's probably bad health (whether physical or mental) has caught up to the streamer so apologies in advance.
My... uh... 'content'
**SPECIAL STREAMS** (next scheduled: TBC) - These will be somewhat stripped down and more occasional, and address matters typically heavier in terms of emotional tone. The streamer will often apologise because text vs voice interactions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and with stream delays, it can be difficult to resolve, viewers can (and, of course, may) come and go as they see fit. Either way, all channel chat rules will be very strictly enforced for the sake of both the streamer and invested viewers, and raiding will not be permitted.


Hobbying - Some (or most, lately) of the time, it'll be painting miniatures (or rather, paint will be slathered most clumsily onto minis(!)) on stream (almost exclusively from the Privateer Press line, primarily collected models intended for tabletop gameplay from the Cryx Warmachine faction, studio schemes and modelling as per the slideshow) each week from prime (or close enough to prime) to full coverage undercoat to see progress over one or two hours. Set up will likely change from stream to stream depending on what I'm painting, the jacks are awkward to hold (and small-based models require a close camera) and the plushies get a better view with a level camera. Not a high level painter by any means, just a minis gamer on a journey back to regular painting and back to playing. Background music will be whatever takes the streamer's fancy. Could be baroque music by JS Bach, for which no apology will be offered, his music is brilliant and nothing less, currently on a harpsichord arrangements binge with occasional organ music. His ensemble music collection will be more occasional, but has been added. Lately, music from the epic trailer genre has been used (Really Slow Motion in particular - not sponsored, but go support them on YouTube - along with music from other composers/companies of their ilk, notably Two Steps From Hell, again, not sponsored, but go support them on YouTube).

Gaming - The rest of the time, it'll be playing whatever whim takes things. It'll mostly be Total War titles (Napoleon/Rome 2/Shogun 2 if it becomes more enjoyable/Medieval 2 if it ever works consistently), but occasionally another game (random stuff from Assassin's Creed II to Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II to GRIS or what have you), but always with a plush toy in tow.


No social media info
Again, no apology, the streamer is an unsocial bugger
Exception - single use Discord links will be provided on request, but will only be provided upon fulfilling the following conditions: positive interaction with the streamer and other viewers across multiple streams; secured the trust and/or affections of the streamer and multiple viewers; other viewers can vouch for your sensibilities; and do not press the streamer to provide the link upon prior refusal (first request will invariably be a refusal albeit of varying degrees of vehemence). [Addendum - if you accept an invitation intended for another recipient, you will be banned, no questions asked or answered.]
Channel rules
Eternal gratitude to whoever actually reads this section...! (& for understanding the streamer's various psychological disorders)

Lino chest info - additions to chest/opening thereof will be discretional, provided the streamer remembers or cares to.
Comments concerning distribution & accumulation algorithm - (provided on request).
Raiding/hosting - this channel may be raided/hosted provided the following conditions: streamer is informed (and approval is provided) of an impending raid prior to stream commencement; raiders must adhere to traditional raiding etiquette (upon raiding commencement, it will be timed and should last no more than 30 seconds); the owner of the raiding party's stream & channel must announce themselves as the first act of the raid. Exceptions permitted for long-standing friends of the channel (they know who they are).
Chat rules - requests (however rare the streamer anticipates this to be) to open the chest (without donations) receive instant bans; requests to open the chest (with donation(s)) and unsolicited requests to become a channel moderator get one warning max before being banned; all (operative word) ongoing chat should be meaningful (& in English or Chinese only, though there's no guarantee the Chinese will be fully understood) whether it's chatting viewer to viewer or chatting viewer to streamer; lurking with occasional comments or emotes is fine provided it isn't obtrusive; above all - be friendly, polite and respectful to each other and to the streamer (common sense, yeah?), but also to the plushies.