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English and german only for moderating purposes!
No Hatespeech, abuse or stuff like that, pls!
No politics or religious stuff!
Be kind and behave like a human being.
Questioning after the chest will be igored, but repetitive questions annoyingly lead to timeout than ban!

No promotion without my agreement, pls! promotion without agreement can result in insta-ban or delete and mute, depending on my mood and case!
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I'am just building up this channel!
Don't expect to much!
So there will be no commentaries... atm or sometimes! :D
Anthem, welcome to an unfinished world, created by a broken company, released by the worst publisher ever! :D

Origin-sign: Scorpio_78_Dlive Feel free to reguest an invitation!

Rule nr.1: There is no streaming plan!
Rule nr.2: There is no streaming plan!
Rule nr.3: There is no streaming plan!

Even in the future, there will be no streaming plan. Just follow and you will see me or not :)
(Say thanks to german democracy)
After reaching 250 followers, a random follower will be choosen via an random draw and receives 250 linos!
I know that this will take some time but i, in my opinion, think that it will be a big suprise for that folower.
So dont be shy just follow, its free and i will follow back 100%!
Have fun and maybe you will be suprised.
I am thinking about to raise the giveaway or maybe let it randomly choose between 250 and 500, dependig of my balance at the time the 250 follower goal is reached.
The winner will be announced in stream for about 3-5 days via banner!
Prints a list of popular commands.
Use !help {command} to learn more about a specific command.
Displays uptime of the current livestream in the format Hours:Minutes:Seconds
Type !enter to join a live giveaway.
Checks which game the streamer is playing.
Prints the current number of followers for this stream.
Displays the current number of viewers.
Displays the stream title.
Displays lino balance of the current streamer.
Displays your lino personal balance.
Rolls a six-sided dice.
Rolls a random no. between 1-100
Draws a random card.
Flips a coin.

Add a custom command using: !cc {command} {message} (e.g. !cc !twitter ). When the custom command is used, the specified message will be displayed in chat.
Remove a custom command using the syntax: !ccr {command} (e.g. !ccr !twitter)
Shows a list of the currently available custom commands.
Displays the last announcement set with !setannounce
Use !setannounce {message} to set an automated announcement (default is every 20 minutes).
You can also clear the current announcement with !setannounce clear
Use !setannouncetime {minutes} to set interval between announcements (minimum is 5).
Use !setannouncemode {mode} to set when announcements are allowed to be displayed. The default 'online' mode only allows announcements to be displayed during a livestream. {mode} can be set to online, offline, or always}
!giveaway Start a giveaway. You can set a custom duration, message, and participant rule by typing !setgiveaway.
Use !setgiveaway {seconds} {rule} {message} to setup your giveaway. Set the participant rule to subscribers or all.
Use !thankfollowers {message} to set a thank you message for new followers.
Turn off with !thankfollowers off

Administrator Commands

Allows the room owner to grant superuser permissions with !su {user} (e.g. !su pewdiepie).
Removes the superuser permissions from a user with !sur {user} (e.g. !sur pewdiepie).