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I'm an entrepreneur and social media marketer with a big focus on growth hacking and innovating with digital marketing. I love to keep a positive and healthy lifestyle. I usually spend a great deal of my time keeping up with and getting ahead of social trends and the latest updates. I strive to bring value to others and empower people to pursue their passion and become financially empowered by blockchain technologies.
On the side I'm a social blockchain enthusiast sharing blogs and vlogs on the major platforms. I'm working to help teach people online more about it and how to benefit from it. I also help people grow their online presence and social media base on blockchain social and traditional platforms. I'm enthusiastic about cryptocurrency and utilize my social media marketing skills to feature I believe in. Blockchain social media is the next frontier for digital marketing and presents an opportunity to capitalize on. The main blockchain socials I use are Minds, SOLA, and Steem. I want to continue to work more doing on-boarding for social agencies, brands, and influencers to create more opportunities for everyone!

I have been doing digital marketing with a focus on social media for over 5 years now and I’ve helped many clients and either assisted on or directly managed hundreds of accounts!

- In The Top 500 most followed on STEEM
- 50,000+ subscribers/followers across all social platforms
- David S. Simmonds Entrepreneurship Award 2016
- Gary Vaynerchuck follows me on Instagram - all my social channels and latest posts can be found here