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7 Mil Roubles Still Using Bad Gear LOL
Real name Sean, online nickname Hawk, Hence the name SeanHawk.
I play most types of games/genres, I became a streamer to broadcast a passion I already had for gaming and have been doing so now for 5 years!
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Disclaimer - Donations are non refundable.
These rules are being enforced.

-Self promoting of any kind unless I'm promoting you myself will be a time out every time.
- Excessive toxic "banter" personal digs directed at anyone for you own satisfaction will be muted.
- beware of using sexual comments, when potentially young audiences may be a part of the community, anything excessive will be timed out/muted.
- any and all sexual comments towards my partner will be permanently muted.
- No backseat gaming, I don't want to play the game like you I don't care to be as good as you, I will play any game at my pace and how i wish don't like it leave.
- No racism/discrimination.
- No political/religious conversations .
- Respect everyone from all walks of life.
- Never speak bad about another creator.
- Keep the chat a positive and welcoming place.
- Be inclusive in chat so everyone feels involved.
- Sticker spam will result in timeout/ban, allow a nice flow to chat.
Im not on a tight schedule, I stream mostly through evenings Irish/UK Time Zone.
Most commonly asked specs of PC/Peripherals, Also play console ps4/xbox

- 1080ti
- i7 7700k CPU
- Asrock 270 pro Mobo DDR4
- Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2400mhz
- 3 monitors - 1x 144hz, 2x 75hz ASUS 24"
- Keyboard - Razer Blackwidow Elite
- Mouse - Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Mercury White
- Mousepad - Razer Firefly
- Headset - Astros A40 TR Edition/ Mix Amp Pro
- Camera - Logitech c922