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Faith. Loyalty. Hope.

🐻🐸 Christian American Podcaster + Blogger

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Rules + Guidelines For My Discord Channel & Various Chatrooms :
All of these rules are subject to change at any time, I hold the right to delete anything posted here that breaks the rules, or that which I deem unnecessary, destructive, or disparaging. I will give a warning or two before banning you, all are welcome here until they cross lines.

I just want a wholesome place to exchange thoughts, ideas, links, picture, etc. Not an open forum to cause drama, share inappropriate things, or seek to harm or demoralize others.

1. Faith - You do not have to agree with my beliefs, or those in here, but you must respect them. I will not permit God or His word to be mocked, mischaracterized, slandered or belittled. You can share your own beliefs, we can disagree, but keep the petty emotions and immaturity out of the conversations/posts.

2. Loyalty - I expect those of you in here to not cause me harm or seek to bring me unnecessary drama or problems. If you want to be here, or interact with me, I expect it to be done with trust, honesty, and respect. Do not seek vengeance, do not be wrathful, and do not bring evil to my doorstep.. Respect me and those I choose to associate with, or you will be asked to leave or be banned.

3. Hope - I will not permit senseless and unnecessary despair or fear mongering.. Keep your fear porn, your rage, and your demoralization away from me and those in here. Let Babylon burn, we don't need to stare at it or let it's destruction also destroy us. Now is the time for overcoming, growing, building, recovering and crushing..

4. Please Be Kind and Use Common Sense. Your private opinions on the subjects of myself or other people in this server are none of my business. Keep personal vendettas and conflict from outside of this server where they started. If it is from something inside this server, let me know in a private message.

5. Keep Private Messages and Posts from Other Service Private. Do not post private messages or posts from other servers to this server or to my DMs (regardless of if they are banned or from another server) without first obtaining consent from all parties involved. If you post them without consent I will delete them and not read them.

6. Follow all DLive + Discord Terms of Service.

7. Please don't abuse any power or privilege given to you. I want this to be as good, informative and funny of a time as it can be. I expect you to wield your power with honor, nobility, dignity and respect.

INSTANT BAN OFFENSES: Posting porn images, bestiality images, hardcore violent images with no relevance, images sexualizing children, any illegal activity whatsoever, impersonating staff or any members of the server.

No direct calls for violence. No pro-murder memes. No repeated spamming of insults, slurs, or name calling towards individuals in the server just for the sake of it. I know this is super subjective. I will hammer this out as time goes on.