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Welcome to my DLive Channel, I love all things anime and gaming, I mainly stream because I love to share my passion for the games I play.
I am a member of two communities they are The Unholy Ones and OTSS both of which a highly supportive and very friendly, I also have my own discord called Otakusafehouse. I reccomend checking out anyone streaming in either community if I am offline!
No one really wants to have rules, but I feel we do need to have these short common sense rules here just so everyone is on the same page.
Respect Everyone: This includes my Moderators, Viewers in my chat and myself as the Streamer.
Racial Comments and Politics: I will not tolerate any Racial slurs or comments about someone's race in my chat, hateful comments will resort in a time out or if the nature of the comments is severe you will be banned from my stream no questions asked.
No Backseat Gaming: Whereas I do appreciate the "Hey I'd advise picking up the weapon to your left before the boss to make it easier for you :)" I will not allow constant backseat gaming where it's just the viewer telling me what to do...We are all here for fun, the gaming experience as well as making a few new friends!
MMO Monday - 6pm - 11pm GMT
Tuesday - 6pm - 11pm GMT
Wednesday - Day Off
Thursday - 6pm - 11pm GMT
Friday - 6pm - 10pm GMT
Saturday - 6pm - 7pm ( its just opinions ) 7pm - 12pm GMT
Sunday - OFF
Main Games
First Player Shooters:
The Division 2
Rainbow six Siege Massively Multiplayer Online:
Final Fantasy Online
World of Warcraft
Story Based:
Dragon Age
Final Fantasy
Mass Effect
There will be times where I will stream games not in my "Main Games" list this will be announced over Twitter beforehand to mix things up a little. There will be occasions where I will stream with others, if so the game choice may be changed to accomodate what the group would like to play during the streaming session.