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Hi there & welcome!

I'm Sestra, also known as Sestra Mae, Sessy or, you can just call me Mae!
I'm a 36 "year old ladyyyy" in Denver, Colorado, USA

You are most likely to find me streaming either simulation video games (Sims 4, Cities: Skylines, Stardew Valley, Two Point Hospital, House Flipper & Youtubers Life are the usual culprits) or doing something randomly crafty such as painting an adult difficulty PBN (Paint by Number), or decorating my day planner.

I've a long history with live streaming - long before even YouTube came about - and I love to chat with viewers so, feel free to say hi, no need to be shy!

Once I get more settled in here on DLive, I'll put up a streaming schedule. Generally though, you'll most likely catch me here on weekday evenings or weekdays, as time allows. So feel free to follow me and hang out!