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About Me
Hi all the names Shane!!

From South Africa and prob one of the most unfortunate players ever!! haha =) But who cares as long as we have fun right??

Suggestions on games for me to play and also on what you would like to see me doing are always most welcome =P

If you want to perhaps join a stream or game with me let me know and we will make it happen!!

Rules of the Chat!!

1.)Always be Friendly no need to be braking one another down (We Are ONE)
2.)Have Fun
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I will be streaming on the following time slots:

Monday : 7PM - 10PM (GMT +2)
Wednesday Story Day : 7PM - 10PM (GMT +2)
Friday : 10PM - 2am (GMT +2)
Saturday: 10PM - 2am (GMT +2)

Please note!! these times are going to be updated as soon as i get my new internet to a more frequent schedule so stay tuned!!