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Generally I get called ‘Camillia’ or ‘Christina’. My real name is Cecilia, but i prefer the nickname Cami~.

League Username:

Main: BigMamiCami (i tend to change usernames alot) Smurfette: xXEDGELORDXx (I know it's hottttt)

How old are you?

102 (cant you tell?)

What server do you play on?


What champs do you play?

Top - Kennen

Jng - Orianna (don't question me)

Mid - Orianna, Syndra and Lux

Adc - Jhin and Kai sa

Support - Janna, Soraka and Lulu

Why do you stream?

Good question.. Why the fk do i stream? :0

Show me your Bob's

Mate.. I have non. It's probably triple A at most..

Can you play instruments?

Piano~ Kinda

Can you draw?

No.. all my drawings are done by my friend who does drawing commissions. You can contact her via discord. ArtlerPinLe#6151

Do you offer foot pics?

Yes, $500USD for the toe pic :^)

Whats the stream theme thingy?

It used to be based around my obsession with rakan and xayah (hence all the sub emotes). Now it's based on "Loli's". Im not kidding. The subs are called "Loli Policemen", Followers "Loli Gang" and mods are "Loli lieutenants. I'm the Loli Chief (check out my sexy badge on stream).

Why are you on Dlive right now instead of twitch?

Cause i felt like it :^)
I'm on Insta and SC.
Username: Camilliao.o
I do not support self harm or racism. If you find the content disturbing due to the jokes please do not watch.
Or you can just click the Image~
No refunds
Every donation is appreciated and basically goes into shit in my normal everyday life or into my computer set up. Oh and $500USD per toe pic ;) and 1k for a foot package.
1. No spamming
2. Respect Mods
3. No Backseat Gaming
4. No racist or aggressive slurs
5. No self advertising Basically dont be a bish.

Both my mods and I ban without warnings. You have been warned :)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz DirectX Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Mic : old mic (AT2020+) current mic: Razer Seiren X

Upgrade my specs senpais ;~;