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| Captain_Morgana |
Born in Belgium and lived my whole life there, I'm a former escort and an erotic model, which i did for several years. Now hoping to share that vast knowledge and expirences with seXyTime. Quit when pandemic began, though i sometimes still model for erotic pictures.

My Love-Live:
I've never really thought it was in the cards for me, (long story) but am now in a happily relationship with my current boyfriend, who not only completely supports me, but is also able to let me be free when it comes to my sexuality/sensuality.

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| Burnergrl |
Trampoline enthusiast, life coach, writer, opera singer, psychonaut, and general lover of life. I thrive on self-development and help people withstand and create meaningful change for themselves and the world.

Love Life: After decades of trying traditional monogamous relationships, breaking my heart dozens of times by loving more than one person at a time, I finally admitted that I'm wired for something different. Polyamorous with an enormous heart.

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| BK Johnsen |
Born and raised in Seattle WA. Currently living in Japan. Happily married for 13 years. Co-author of Before You Fall: A Book On Pride. Co-founder of TesseraX4.

BK's Love Life: Have fallen deeply in love twice. The first time shattered my heart and soul. The second time took. And mended the past. 13 yrs of infertility has been the only negative of an overall happy marriage.

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| Singular.Infinity |
Born and raised in Davison, Michigan. Currently living in Flint. I love to learn and discover new information. Recovered alcoholic with a solution and a co-founder of TesseraX4.

Singular's Love Life: Singular has only been in one intimate relationship and it lasted 10 months. He has been single since 2008 with a few crushes along the way.

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