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Welcome to my channel. Here we will cover all kinds of things. I can teach you cursive, I can teach you general computer maintenance and repair. Here we will discuss science and technology, science and tech philosophies, ban culture, and there will of course be my terrible gameplay. Enjoy and feel free to ask me to read poetry or make requests that you would like to see on the channel. Always open to suggestions and new things. Send me articles, I love to read, I love politics, science and tech, anything you want discussed send it my way. I only and exclusively use Overclocked Remix music, you will never hear in game music in my streams as that often just gets me content/copyright claimed or stricken, so no thank you. I will not be streaming everyday, rather whenever I feel like. As for scheduling, I will start each stream with about two hours of gameplay, then I will move on to two hours of poetry reading, leading to two hours of discussion of upcoming science and tech discoveries, and finally, if requested, one hour each of lessons on writing in cursive, writing effective poetry and finally lessons on computer maintenance and repair. This is not set in stone, and I will change it up upon request provided enough viewers make the same request within twenty minutes of each other. Enough being at least five people. Finally, I prefer to stream between 9am and 3pm and between 8pm to 4am Eastern Standard Time. Thank you and have fun.