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Transmit Power vs. Range
Transmit power does obviously have a big effect on the range of a signal, but it is not nearly as much as you would think due to the 1/r2 relationship of radio waves propagating out from the source. If your transmitter puts out 4 times as much power, you only get twice the range. 16 times the power, only 4 times the range. 100 times the power... 10 times the range.
The Alternate Lies of News Media
As truth seekers we often get bogged down in the intricate details of a rabbit hole rather than stopping when we discover the lie. I know for some (and myself) it is important to emphasize the finer points of a story that build the lie, which we hope will assist the viewer/reader to realize that the whole story is false. I think this all to often leaves the viewer/reader overwhelmed with information and unable to discern truth from lies.
Crime and Politics: The Top 50 Worst US Cities
I often wonder exactly how safe I am here in the United States of America. With the twenty-four hour news cycle piling tragedy on top of criminal activity I feel less and less in control of my surroundings than ever before. Now keep in mind, I live alone, I commute more than an hour a day, and I often travel in periods of low light to total darkness. Sounds just like the recipe for target of criminal activity, but somehow day after day, week after week I manage to not get shot, stabbed, or killed. Others in my city let alone my state are not nearly as fortunate.
The Problem Concerning Science and Dishonesty
I'm reminded of an old saying that my father beat into my head daily as a young man, one that only later in life gained any true meaning and influence in my life. "Son, you're known by the company you keep." A simple one line sentence that escaped my consciousness until I was well into my twenties. Innocuous as it may have seemed at the time, that one little phrase righted a path that otherwise would have led me to disaster later in life. I tell you this to explain how the simple concept of honesty and integrity can carry you into a positive or negative light dependent on how you manage it.
The Male Hierarchy - Brief Overview of Roles
In every male group there are distinct personalities and roles which must be established in order for a hierarchy to function properly and be maintained. The balance of effectiveness and self-regulation is paramount to sustaining the working order of this otherwise fragile system of control, which at its core is susceptible to corruption, sabotage, and a multitude of external action/actors that can bring the whole thing crashing down.
The Usual Suspects
The world as it is presented is not what it should be. The frequency of coincidences is often to unbelievable to integrate into our understanding. This leaves those of us who can spot the pattern bewildered at how a system this complex can often lead us to the usual suspects.
My Bitchute