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Hello! My name is Shikapu! I also go by Shika and Shikamettsura. I pronounce my names She-kah-poo/She-kah-met-soo-rah/She-kah but you can pronounce them however you want, I don't mind. Nicknames are also encouraged if you want to give me one. Just give me time to get used to it and I'll acknowledge it.

I mostly art, game, and chat when I stream. I'm not very good at any of that, so I apologize in advance for your eyes. Lol. I sometimes do requests for art and take suggestions for things to game, but I'll normally ask for those during streams. But, if you want to send them somewhere for me to see whenever I need something for either in the future then you can send me those requests here:

Chat Rules:
- No Racism/Harassment.
- No self promos. This includes "Follow for Follow" or the "Follow me" GIFs.
- No links right now.
- Space out and limit stickers so it doesn't flood conversation.
- I will occasionally ask for song requests for next streams after I give them a listen to. Give song name and artist for credits purposes. {"Song Name" by Artist}
- No extreme spam. If you are spamming the entire chat with a wall of text/random letters you will be banned.

If you cannot follow the rules listed above you will be banned after sufficient warnings. More as they're necessary.

Social Media:
~ DeviantArt [Main]:
~ Picarto:
~ Tumblr:

What Do You Draw?
I tend to draw adopts and original characters from rps that I do. Every so often I will draw comic related content on stream for comics I've been working on slowly for a while, but that's rare. I also tend to draw other people's characters if I'm really inspired by them. I rarely finish a piece and I tend to prefer to sketch outlined work or outline to work on later. I do have an art preference that I will try and list somewhere for you all. For now just ask me.

What Do You Play?
I play a wide variety of games. I prefer to play solo. I love games like My Time at Portia, Ark Survival Evolved, and Factory Town where I can create things, forge stories, or progress and organize. I get my games off of Steam, but I play things other than Steam or pc games from time to time. I will probably only ever play pc games on stream, however. I have certain games I like to play I will try and list them somewhere for you all. For now just ask me like with the art.

Subscriber Perks?
At the moment I have none. I have no real alerts or anything just yet either. As I sort them out I will let you all now. For now I just stream. I appreciate any and all support so thank you so much in advanced if you do. But don't feel obligated, really. <3

How Do Your Streams Work?
I normally stream on . I intend to have that be for private or multi streams and then here would be for public and single streams. Picarto is strictly for art, for me, while here will be for all three things I tend to do. I don't do webcam right now, but might in the future. I might stream gaming on Twitch but I tend to use my account there to watch other people. Same with my YT. That may change in the future.

In which case Twitch will be primarily for gaming, primarily for art, here for everything, and YouTube for more concise and archived streams and other videos.

What's Your Stream Schedule?
I don't really have one right now. I normally stream sparingly so I never established one. Once I do have one I'll let you all know, but it most likely won't be anything strict. Stream's with me talking are most likely in the early morning during the week since most people are out of the house and won't disturb me. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the busier days for me but that doesn't mean I won't stream.

Where's This One Thing You Didn't Mention?
If there's something I haven't mentioned that you're curious of then let me know. Some things I don't add to this unless requested. I will only hand out certain usernames. For accounts that disrupt with notifications I won't really add here but I may add people as I get to know them.

I don't have a Discord, but I can make one as it becomes necessary. I don't really have a following so I don't see the need unless people want one.

I don't have personal servers for any games I play or preferred servers, but I'll gladly add them if I ever do.