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I'm just an ordinary cosplayer who enjoys anything around the Otaku/Geek Culture and follow the hero's rules.

Catch phrases that I used:
-Work Hard, Get Good

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DLive and I'm not responsible for anything if you're a parent or minor watching my streams or anyone's streams. Even if you're easily offended, there's other streams to check out.

Also, defamation isn't acceptable in anyway which you would be called out and possibly be placed in an lawsuit. Just let you know that evidence and facts needs to be shown. I'm not responsible for anyone who fight for me which I don't ask for it (if you care about me, I suggest you do your best to give your awareness and don't engage with any haters just report them if you can).
1. No spamming (unless your donating me lemons is fine which donation spams are acceptable)
2. Don't advertise without my permission
3. Text in English only, but Spanish is fine which I accept.
4. Keep politics and religion at a low cause I don't want to go too much with it.
5. Harassment and arguments are off-limits if you have problems with any user or me, you will be muted
6. Respect everyone's privacy including mine
7. Relax enjoy the stream, but if you're a parent or minor, I'm not your babysitter if you read the disclaimer, you understand.
At the moment, I accept Lemons, BTT and donations on CashApp, Paypal and Ko-Fi. Also, Amazon wishlist is very useful if you want to send me something that I want/need is fine and thank you!

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