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The Last Mizukage
Peace & good energy to all in attendance!

Welcome and thank you for joining The S.o.S. and official DLive channel of Sho Vaughn. My mama call me Sho Vaughn (real name, my rap s**t), but you can have the honor to simply call me Sho. I'm a variety streamer that just be chillin and playing whatever I get my hands on (i.e. afford). I mainly focus on story based and grindy, looter-style games, but I do keep my skills sharp in a few FPSs like Apex and Halo. I like to give myself a challenge and talk about different aspects of games in depth.

Super chill streams, peaceful energy and a positive vibes all around with the occasional rage moment, but its all out of love for gaming. Come watch me be terrible at some of my favorite games and overcome some trials of final bosses and sweats alike. #StayFluid
A mindstate and brand. A symbol of peace and progress. Drop this in chat to let me know you around. Hydrate accordingly and let no he $ht prosper against us.

Created x
Hunnid Hand Slapz
Website hub to music and merch from Sho Vaughn & SoS.
Snaps On The Petro
Donations are completely OPTIONAL. All donations/tips will ONLY go into improving the stream and creating more content. (i.e Games/DLC, Controllers, Computer Parts, Headsets, etc.) To show my appreciation, I will send you a free download of #HunnidHandSlapz and shoutout on stream. #StayFluid

Skul Of ShaXXX
S.O.S. is a creative community & brand for not only gamers, but also artists, musicians, techies, writers, and all around chill people with scarily dope ideas. Be on the lookout for our Discord link in the chat and come join us.
The Day Job
I am a freelance graphic designer and owner of Hushmouth Media LLC, a mixed media label based in GA.

If you need promotional or marketing material designed (flyers, business cards, banners, t-shirts designs, etc.), don't hesitate to tap my email and we can work on taking your brand to the next level.

Discounted consultations and print discounts on certain designs for SUBS.