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I'm 27 year old music producer, engineer, composer & DJ from Croatia. In free time i'm also a gamer who plays for 420 Squad Team
Name: Mario, Mark Pride
Nicknames: Shroomtasy, Anthrax, Shrooms
Games i play:
Battlefield 4 & V
ARK Survival Evolved
League of Legends

Alot of single player games tho. & emulated ps1 games.
I'm also fan of all old school games starting with days when SEGA, Atari & Nintendo ruled the world :)

Enjoy the stream and if you like it, follow!
I will consider giveaways if i reach at least 100 viewers :)
Show your support to the channel! Donations are NEVER required, but ALWAYS appreciated! All donations are read on stream!

I will use donations for better Equipment and Charities to keep stream alive!
AMD Ryzen 7 1700
GTX 1050ti Strix 4GB OC
16GB DDR4 3200 Kingston HyperX
750W Seasonic Gold PS
Logitech g502 Proteus Spectrum
Logitech Keyboard
BENQ RL Series
Samsung Monitor
(Other sound stuff is high quality studio cuz i'm musician)
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