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Hi and welcome to my channel.
I am a up and coming content creator (YouTube/twitch and Facebook streamer)

Who am I?
Hi There, My name is Lymie Hendricks but I am known as SiR90sKiD on the online world of gaming, I am a 27 year old male from Cape Town South Africa, who loves games, I work during the day as an Engineer but when I clock out I am a gamer.

Favorite Streamer/Content Creator?

I have three
- No doubt first has to be Mr.Beast6000
- Second thee legend StoneMountain64
- & Azerrz is my third

Games I Play?
- Apex Legends
- Pubg & Pubg Mobile
- Call of duty Modern warfare
- Fortnite
- Brawlhalla
- Maelstrom
- Splitgate Arena Warfare

**Thank you and enjoy #muchlove**

please be advised all times are Central Africa Time (CAT)
- Sat 9:30pm-2:00am
- Sun 9:30pm-12:am
I will be working out a weekday stream time and day as soon as i have one or two it will be here

**Thank you and enjoy #muchlove**

- Be kind, be positive and be helpful to other viewers and streamers
- No bullying, sexism , racism, homophobia or any other hate based chat
- No Harassing , stalking or threatening of individuals
- Use language spoken by the broadcaster
- self promoting is allowed

- **Thank you and enjoy #muchlove**
- Intel Core I7 CPU 2.93 GHz
- 12,0 GB ddr 3 Ram
- R9 380 series Gpu
- Windows 10 pro 64-bit
- 620W power supply
- 2 x 17" screens
- 1 x 22" monitor
- Gaming keyboard
- 5 button gaming mouse
- 3 button Led CPU Cooler and Led's

P.s i'm not mentioning any product names for obvious reasons

**Thank you and enjoy #muchlove**