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About Me
Hi My name is Phillip Collins, No I am not that singer but I do love Lion King,

I have been a gamer all my life and I play games all the time and I figured why not let people take the piss out of me while doing it.

I have a goal with streaming that will help me achieve something I believe will be fun to watch and make a lot of people happy. It is called the “Pay it forward Project”

I am a very happily married man (had to put happy in case she watches one day) with the most perfect daughter in the world, Evil but perfect.

I also own my own Online Marketing Company called SEO Enterprise we specialise in SEO and based in Manchester and I started this in June 2015 and never looked back.

My next project is to try and combine my two passions SEO and Streaming My tool to do this is
Streamers I can recommend
A passion of mine is making an impact in a streamers life. These I believe i have made an impact and I recommend you check them out.
1) No secret that Miss_MDK and Aurora_Ambii are my favourite Streamers (they did save my life)
2) Proj3ct
3) Drax_og
4) Spuddy
5) Kevrjobbo
6) captshambles
7) EmYataki
8) fluffy
9) filthyfangirl
10) DiabeticJP
11) ShiftTitanTV
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If you want to support me in helping others than please feel free to skip buying lemons at tesco or asda and use paypal instead
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