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Hello mah peoples! I am SimmyDizzle, a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, and streamer when I can be!.

As seen above, I love to travel, expect me to stream my travels!
I play a variety of games, mainly First Person Shooters, however you will see me from time to time playing something a little different.
I am a fitness enthusiast, I love to lift heavy weights. Furthermore, I love riding my bicycle, which I do daily to and from work.

Who knows, I may stream some fitness stuff.
Special Shout Outs to:

🔸Apache.N4SIR (The Halo2 Legend himself)
🔸Boomer-dot-TV (otherwise this turns into a link)
I am a proud father of two amazing boys, as such, they always come first. Before me, before the stream, if I'm not streaming, I am probably hanging out with my kids or at work!

If I am gaming with my kids, you'll find me playing Minecraft or the Lego games.
The games I usually play

🔹Call of Duty (All of them)
🔹Halo (All of them)

About Me!
I'm a Canadian, Bearded streamer. Follow me and see what I do next! I've got big plans!

You can simply support my streaming career by donating lino.

🍋 Lemon x1 = $0.012
🍦 Ice Cream x1 = $0.12
💎 Diamond x1 = $1.20
🏎️ Ninjaghini x1 = $12
🛩️ Ninjet x1 = $120

Tips / tip jar
Everybody needs some tips, if I'm doing a good job, send a tip my way here -> Tip Jar ( )


I'm a proud supporter of charity, and as a gamer, there is no better way to support charity than with ( ). Help raise money for charity and get games in the process, its win, win!

**Cancer Research**
We've all been affected by cancer, so please donate to research and help find a cure in our lifetime.

( )

And finally, I have my own blog where I post everything from fitness routines, movie reviews, game reviews and streams, recipes, and much, much more! Check it out!

I wear the uniform with pride!

Some useful Commands:
Schedule / facts
**Stream Facts** My goal is to stream as often as I can. I currently work for the Canadian Armed Forces so when my schedule permits, I'll be online streaming here on DLive!

** New around here **

If you're new to dlive, as in, you don't have an account, follow my referal and help me help you by helping me!

The ground rules:

🔸 English chat Only!

🔹NO asking for follows

🔸NO Promoting your channel; if I like your stuff, I'll promote you happily.

🔹NO Spoilers for any new games or movies!

🔸NO LINKS unless you're asked.

🔹DON'T be rude, racist, sexist, no matter how hilarious it may be. Please.

🔸DON'T ask to be mod - When i need a new moderator i will offer it to the people who i feel i can trust.

🔹DON'T Spam - Spamming the chat is not cool and will just result in a timeout / ban

🔸Most importantly.... HAVE FUN!!!
Be sure to check back for all the awesome streams to come!
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When I am not able to game on stream, I try to leave a music stream going with creative commons zero (CC0) music for you all to listen to.

You don't have to, but I'd really appreciate the follows/views, even on the music.

If you have suggestions for music, please feel free to leave them in the chat, when I can I'll see if they are CC0 applicable and if they are I'll add them to the list.

CC0 means we don't get DCMA's and are considered 'YouTube' compliant. Meaning our videos won't get Copyright strikes and taken down when I upload them to Youtube.