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About me my channel and the reason I am here!
This is a Free Speech Channel! Everyone here is a mod and if you have a problem with someone please take it up directly with them! I am not here to play favorites or dictate the chat and My US Construction overrides any TOS in this world! If you ban me from your channel expect me to let others know that you want to be heard while you are banning others from being heard! I will not tolerate Racism Spam or Personal Attacks on anyone for any reason! Please respect the people on this channel as you want to be respected! If you donate to me and i ban you for any reason i will personally refund you for not given you what you have paid for! I am not here for donations and any donations I get will go right back into the platform! I am not a very political man and I will always put religion over politics! I stand alone and do not want or need a social gang to back me up! All I ask is that you do not try to kill free speech with free speech just because you disagree with someone or don't like them for the person they are! Do not dox me or anyone else on this channel I don't care what they have done in their lives I love and respect everyone in this world! Nothing on this channel is copy written and you are free to use it when and where you see fit! Speak whatever language you want to speak but I only understand English so if you are talking to me and want me to understand it please talk in English! I do not get into other countries politics so if you are not from the US please stay out of mine! Politics of any country should be built for and by the people of that country that they directly affect! Please do not ask for lemons unless you want me to do the same thing to you! I am here to support everyone i can but Dlive has a limit on the amount of people you can follow! I am not here for a check mark or to protect check marks I am here to protect all of our rights and everyone here is a consumer no matter what political side if any you are on! This is not my house it is a global public platform and it will be treated as such! Please do not use your social gangs to attack me or anyone else on this channel! It is ok to stand alone and think outside the box! That does not mean you are alone that mean I stand beside each and everyone of you but we stand alone together! With all that being said have fun and bring your friends that are willing and able to stand alone as an Independent not Codependent! The link to the POW * MIA history is on the flag if you click it! I have never served for this country but I do and will always respect the one that have and are no matter with side you are on if any! Be safe and stay happy and healthy! God Bless you all in Jesus name! Thank you for all you all do to protect and defend each other in this crazy place we call earth!

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