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Welcome to the Fun Factory!  

The Fun Factory is a old abandoned warehouse with a wrestling ring inside and all sorts of gaming machines around.

First and foremost, I am a variety streamer an as such have a number of different segments plans throughout the stream . Few examples are: Chatting, Fake commercial ad break, Video link time, Complaint Department, Based & Red Pilled News, Gaming and more...

Here on the channel we are Based and Red Pilled and as such love to watch documentaries and also keep up with current events.

Besides doing that here in the Factory we love to game and have fun. Even though we are not the best of gamers, we are always in voice chat or Discord trying our best.

Lastly, I am a Huge Sci-Fi and Wrestling fan and as such my channel shows it in every way.

So come on in, sit down, relax and join us for some cool tunes, games and more right here on Sin's Fun Factory!
1 - Content posting
Keep an eye on the content you post, it must be relevant.

2 - Keep it clean
No Obsessive swearing, no racist or otherwise hateful references. Limit spam, this also applies to usernames, profile pictures and any behavior which the moderators deem to be disruptive.

3 - No hacks/ No Trolling
We take hacks, exploits, and other forms of cheating very seriously and cannot allow any comments related to this topic.

4 - Respect the moderators
Moderators are here to keep everything civil - help them out by getting their attention when things go wrong. Do not impersonate/imitate staff, or attempt to handle situations yourself ("mini-modding").
Arguing about rules, or refusing to follow them when requested, will result in more serious chat restrictions.

And most of all...

5 - Be awesome to each other!
We especially don't want to see any form of insulting, harassing, or trolling other users.


***Above all NO spamming stickers!!! We Chat
*!SFFCommands - This will put up the following list: !8ball, !Crypto, !Bexplus, !Discord, !Donate, !Facebook, !Game, !Insta, !Interactive, !Intro, !LootBox, !Merch, !Missions, !MK8, !Mods, !Rules, !SAshop, !Schedule, !Snap, !Twitter, !Wrestling, !wrestling2

*!8ball - This is a question game just like the real deal. You just ask a question w/ the command.
-Ex. !8ball Will I get married this year?

*!Wrestling - Another set of commands: !AA, !Chair, !Clash, !Figure4, !Frog, !Slam, !Spear, !Stunner, !Superkick, !Table, !Tombstone.

*!wrestling2 - Another set of commands: !back, !BME, !bomb, !cell, !choke, !elbow, !F5, !RKO, !sweet, !Tacks

**With these Wrestling commands you need to @ the person you want to use it on.
-Ex. !chair @(username)

*Moderators - Currently 1 custom command: !SO. Helps me give recognition to those I choose in my chat.
-Ex. !so @(username)

New Point System...
-!Pinfalls are you points in my channel

Current Point commands (Everyone):
!grest (5)
!willow (10)
!abyss (10)
!woo (15)
!fired (20)
!American (40)
!Lesnar (75)
!ECW (75)
!shutup (100)
!Explosion (200)
!Hoho (250)
!Heyey (300)
!Yeti (350)
!Rezero (400)
!Santa (450)
!Moron (500)
!Teacher (550)
!WTF (600)
!Loser (1000)
If you are enjoying my content and want to show financial support.

Also, any donations will go towards the following:

*Game Tournaments
*Digital game codes
SFF Discord -

Call In Discord - ***Must be a subscriber to the channel first***

*Processor: Intel Core i9-9900K Eight
Core Processor (16MB Cache, 3.6GHz-
5.0GHz) 95W (Liquid Cooled)
*RAM: 32GB DDR4 3000MHz
*Hard Drive: 1TB NVMe Solid State Drive
+ 2TB Hard Disk Drive
*Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX
2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6
*Motherboard: Z390
*Power Supply: 750W Gold PSU
*Operating System: Windows 10 Home
*Accessories: AC Wifi USB adapter +
LED backlit USB gaming keyboard and
mouse included
*2x AW2518Hf monitors
*Vizio D32f-F1 32" smart tv
*BLUE Yeti Microphone, Blackout, Mic Only (988-000100)
*2x Gemwon Ring Light 6 Inches - 3 Color Lights
*Elgato Green Screen - Collapsible
*Logitech C922x
*Logitech BRIO
*Elgato HD60
*Elgato Stream Deck
*EleTab Triple Monitor Stand Mount
*HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter-Techole Aluminum Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher
*Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub
*Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate
*Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System
*Neewer Desktop Clamp Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Double-braced Arm Stand Holder 360 Degree Rotation Swivel Mount
*AmazonBasics Aluminum Light Photography Tripod Stand with Case - Pack of 2
*Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black
*RGB Headphone Stand with USB Charger KAFRI Desk Gaming Headset Holder Hanger Rack with 3 USB Charging Port and 2 Outlet
*GTRACING Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers
*GreenForest L Shaped Desk Corner Computer Gaming Desk
*Nintendo Switch
*Xbox One S w/ 1tb My Passport Ultra external Hard Drive
What is Streamloots
Streamloots is a marketplace to buy real-time interactions with live streamers.

Streamers have a lot of fans that are looking forward to interacting with them, so we give them a way to do so, by turning interactions into something that can be purchased and redeemed. Our technology allows those interactions to take place in real time and in any streaming platform the Streamer is using.

From choosing the character the streamer is going to play with, displaying a message in the screen or making the streamer drop the guns in the game, to really fun things such as making them sing or dress up as a dinosaur. Everything is possible because every streamer defines the type of interactions they want to have with their viewers!

Adding a new level of excitement to my streams with Missions...

Missions are an exciting service that allows you, the viewers, to send me on-stream game related challenges to complete for money. You can send missions for anything you can come up with, but I get to decide if I want to accept them or not.

When I get a fun new mission, I will give it my best shot to complete it, and earn the mission revenue. If I cannot complete or refuse the mission, resulting in a failure...Then you get back you $$$$!!
Do you want to rep my Logo? Well now you can. I am starting to put up new merch little by little.