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Welcome peaceful warriors to my corner of DLive!!

My name is Jahson and I welcome you to be a part of my world. I'm a 34 yr old variety gamer who just can't get enough of gaming!

I'm here to be a part of this awesome DLive community and so far all I have met are top quality people and it's amazing. DLIVE Rules!!

My only requests in this mini community is to treat each other how you would like to be treated and we're all good.


Games I currently play-

- Apex Legends (Although I can't stream this atm as AMD doesn't like Apex)
- Doom
- Quake
- Fallout
- Portal
- Borderlands
and I'll be screaming to a variety of horror games like Soma, Alien Isolation, Amnesia + more.


Streaming Schedule:-

-Monday - 1900-2200 GMT - Apex Legends
-Tuesday - 1900-2200 GMT - Random Games
-Thursday - 1900-2200 GMT - Apex Legends
- Friday - 1900-2200 GMT - Fright Night Friday
(Only if viewers are watching or I'll stream another game, I'd rather people watch and hear me screaming like a pansy)


Donation wise, I do not expect anything I just enjoy playing games, If you decide to support via donations they are greatly apprecialoved, and I am humbled and grateful as they will be going towards upgrading my setup for your streaming pleasure! Thank you.

Feel free to jump onto the discord channel over at
You guys are than welcome, also happy to play games with people too so give us a shout!

Blessed Love to everyone and enjoy the streams!


My Streaming/Gaming machine :

Motherboard - Asus Prime X470-Pro
CPU - Ryzen 9 3900x
Memory - G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200
GPU - Sapphire 5700XT w/ Arctic Xtreme IV cooler
Storage - Intel 1TB Nvme / Kingston A400 480GB ssd / 1TB Storage
Case - Thermaltake X71

Monitor - Viewsonic XG2401 144hz
Cans - HyperX Cloud II
Mic - AKG G5 (Works for now :P)
Keyboard - Corsair K65 LUX
Mouse - Logitech G502
Mouse pad - Steelseries QcK
Camera - Logitech C920

Mixing Desk - Peavey RQ2314
Studio Monitors - Alesis M1 Active MK2
External Soundcard - Motu 896mk3 Firewire
FX units - Boss RDD-20 Echo / Zoom Studio 1204