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1. Please no spamming of words/Gifs/stickers.

2. No Self Promoting unless given permission by streamer or mods First.

3. No Racial or OFFENSIVE comments towards anyone or ANY form of bullying for that matter.

4. Do Not ask to open the chest. You will be timed out at first instance then banned/muted if carried on.

5. Any and all issues please take it into DM’s not in chat thanks. (No one wants to air dirty Laundry to all to see).
⚔️WHATS MY NAME: my real name is James Marks but all call me by Marks or Sir or my full streamer name Sir Marks and i just go with the flow.

💣 WHERE ABOUT AM I FROM ?: I grew up within the South West Gloucestershire area in the UK and still live in the area now till this very day!

⚔️ HOW LONG YOU BEEN PLAYING GAMES FOR?: Ever since i was a little kid (cant remember what age sorry) and that could range from being a console game, board game or something a bit more psychical like Pool or something.

💣 WHAT GAMES DO YOU PLAY?: I play all sorts of games but i really love my FPS, PUZZLE, PARTY & Simulation games the most.

⚔️ WHERE DID THE BRAND AND USERNAME COME FROM?: To cut the long story short on this, My granddad was knighted by one of the royals and from there went on to become a part of the three Stone masons group & worked up to become head mason (a high and mighty organisation which i wont get into) so this is where i took the whole theme from as its to do with the medieval times and being knighted etc. Also the other aspect of it came from a few games i loved playing every day called region of Kings & Age of empires as these two sparked my creativity and got me into the whole medieval themes etc.

Anything more you want to know about me then feel free to ask Questions as i don't mind answering any questions or queries you have regards to knowing me better as a person :D


💣 MONDAY: 19:00/19:30 PM -22:00/22:30

⚔️ TUESDAY: 19:00/19:30 PM -22:00/22:30

💣 WEDNESDAY: 19:00/19:30 PM -22:00/22:30

⚔️ THURSDAY: Day off

💣 FRIDAY: 18:30/19:00 PM -22:45/23:00

⚔️ SATURDAY: It can be difficult to give a exact time on this day due to it depends on what i have planned etc but normally there is a stream on towards the late afternoon / evening where i will stream but best way is to keep eye on my socials and in discord to stay up to date.

💣 SUNDAY: something big will be coming back into play for Sundays so watch this space :P as people loved it so it will be back.
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ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S

💣 CPU (processor):
Intel Core I7 9700K

⚔️RAM (Memory):
DDR4 32GB ( 2 X 16GB Viper DDR4 Ram sticks with Heatsinks)

💣 Graphics Card (GPU):
Nvidia Geoforce GTX 1660 Ti with 6GB on Board Memory (made by Gigabyte technology).

⚔️ Hard drives:
2x 2TB Western digital Hard drive
1x 256GB Solid State Drive
1x 500GB Seagate External Hard drive
(Has The ability to have M.2 memory but none installed as of yet).

CoolerMaster Silver stainless titanium steel case (this is a server case which has been transformed into my main rig as its heavy and durable).

⚔️ Monitors:
1 x LG 24 Inch Monitor (allows DVI, VGA & DP)
1 x BENQ G920 19 inch Monitor (allows VGA & DVI)
1 x Logik 22 LCD TV (Allows VGA & HDMI)

💣 Peripherals:
1 x Logitech C920 Webcam
1 x Logitech C270 Webcam
1x Logitech G433 Headset
1x Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard
1 x Logitech G920 Driving wheel set
1 x AVP Media RGB mechanical USB keyboard
1 x ROG Gladius 2 Origin USB Mouse
1 x Blue Microphone Snowball Omnidirectional/Cardioid USB Microphone in Aluminum
1 x Xbox 360 Wired Controller
⚔️ Joined Dlive: 28th December 2018
💣 First Stream on DLive: 3rd February 2019
⚔️ Dlive Champion 🏆 Earned: 15th February 2019
💣 Hit 250 Followers: 10th April 2019
⚔️ Became Verified partner: 27th April 2019
💣 Hit 500 Followers: 30th October 2019
⚔️Hit 750 Followers: 8th January 2021
💣 Became Global Partner: In Progress
⚔️ Hit 1000 Followers: In Progress
!RT = link to my go live tweet.
!SOCIAL = Links to all my social's.
!LURK = Letting me know your going into lurk mode.
!MIC = Gives the streamer a heads up that they got mic issues.
!VIDEO = Gives the streamer a heads up that they got Video issues.
!ORIGIN = My username for Origin.
!PUBG = Link to my PubG mobile username.
!GT = Link to my Gamer Tag for Xbox.
!EPIC = Link to my Epic Games Username.
!DISCORD = Link to My friendly and Legendary Discord.
Be sure to check out these awesome streamers as each are in their own way brilliant content creators and deserve the Recognition that they need.

Anayume: This lovely person is a freaking great musician and singer and loves having a good time with fancy dress ups, song requests etc the full works so be sure to go check her out at:
Feel free to check me out on other platforms Below as I use to spread awareness of such an amazing platform i love and enjoy and call home which is and try to attract all newcomers in as DLive is the place to be with everything they do and offer to both content creators and their community's :D.



⚔️Youtube: (this is only used for certain events due to Copyright laws & all that with the platform).