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💣 WHERE ABOUT AM I FROM ?: I grew up within the South West Gloucestershire area in the UK and still live in the area now till this very day!

⚔️ HOW LONG YOU BEEN PLAYING GAMES FOR?: Ever since i was a little kid so pretty much i been playing games forever, So that could be a console game, board game or something a bit more psychical like Pool or something.

💣 WHAT GAMES DO YOU PLAY?: I play all sorts of games but i really love my FPS, PUZZLE, PARTY & Simulation games.
MONDAY: 7:30 PM -10:00/10:30 PM (GMT)

THURSDAY: 7:30 PM -10:00/10:30 PM (GMT)

FRIDAY: 6:30 PM -10:00/10:45 PM (GMT)

The weekends i stream too but it can be difficult to say times due to it depends on what i am doing that weekend myself but I will always announce it via my discord firstly and then on social media after so your always in the loop.
🚧🛠️ Currently under construction 🛠️ 🚧 Check back at later date thanks
🚧🛠️ Currently under construction 🛠️🚧Check back at later date thanks
⚔️ First Stream on DLive: 23rd February 2019
💣 Became Verified partner: 27th April 2019
!RT = link to my go live tweet.
!SOCIAL = Links to all my social's.
!LURK = Letting me know your going into lurk mode.
!MIC = Gives the streamer a heads up that they got mic issues.
!VIDEO = Gives the streamer a heads up that they got Video issues.
!ORIGIN = My username for Origin.
!PUBG = Link to my PubG mobile username.
!GT = Link to my Gamer Tag for Xbox.
!EPIC = Link to my Epic Games Username.
!DISCORD = Link to My friendly and Legendary Discord.
1. Please no spamming of words/Gifs/stickers.

2. No Self Promoting unless given permission by streamer or mods First.

3. No Racial or OFFENSIVE comments towards anyone or ANY form of bullying for that matter.

4. Do Not ask to open the chest. You will be timed out at first instance then banned/muted if carried on.

5. Any and all issues please take it into DM’s not in chat thanks. (No one wants to air dirty Laundry to all to see).