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Things you may want to know
Anybody that would like to play, If we're in game, feel free to join.

All streams are being pushed as a dual system setup (Much like how console folk used to stream) and encoded by hardware running Linux

[1080/60p] - Dell Precision T3500 Workstation with a Xeon Quad Core W3530 2.8GHz processor, 12GB of RAM and an Nvidia 750ti GPU used for rendering.

More information, setup, recommended streamers and games being played/finished can be found at

Sk4zZi0uS Nintendo Switch Friend Code:

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Feeding the Mimic (Donations) directly support this stream and gives me a solid excuse to burn more time doing it

Donations of or more will appear live on stream.

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Chat away and I will jump in as long as my derpy brain can keep up. You have no need to donate to the stream, be it with bits, subs or hard cash money... I enjoy doing what I do, I will do it anyway... Much thanks and enjoy the stream.
I know, I suck at games
Stole this one from Gerald Lee of CoreAGaming (click the image to go to his channel)