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Christian/Catholic at the same time


I stutter, I have a.d.d, Irritable bowel syndrome, I am a part time streamer, I have my own business. I work from home, I am an advertiser/marketer. I stream to stream, not because I stream and for the money. I try to be engaging, but my stuttering stops me from doing that. I like streaming though, sorry for not being like other streamers. As in most talk and I mostly type, because I stutter I type more whenever I can. I will try to answer questions talking, but most of the time cant sorry. I have an ar15, ak47, and a 22. I bang only sluts/whores because they are not brainwashed, in thinking being a slut/whore is wrong.

I am not a feminist/sjw/blm/antifa meaning (I am not brainwashed), I am a true egalitarianist. No safe space here.

I am a nice person

Pro gun

I am a slut meaning pervert (thats what a slut is)

I am a bastard child (not in that way)

I love arpg's

More facts:

There are only two genders

Transsexual is a mental disorder.

Homosexual is wrong, but sexy sluts/whores banging sexy sluts/whores is ok. As long as they bang sexy guys also.

There is no such thing as non binary for humans.

All middle eastern people are pakis.

Black people are try hards.

The sexy sluts/whores that are the best sexy, from the best to least.

White sluts/whores
Asian sluts/whores
Spanish sluts/whores
Middle eastern sluts/whores

In that order fact.

Black sluts/whores are the least sexy fact.
When I am not working, or when I am not with a slut/whore or sluts/whores. I will be repenting, praying, lifting weights, smoking weed, or streaming.
No swearing

No saying homosexual things

If you want to post a link ask first

18+ chat
Case: ThermalTake Versa J23 Tempered Glass RGB Edition

MotherBoard: Asus Prime Z270-A

Processor: Intel Core i7 7700k (Overclocked to 4.8ghz), will overclock more later. Or I will buy AMD 3800x, or 3950x.

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

Ram: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200MHz 2x8 = 16Gb

Graphics Card: Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon Rx Vega64

PSU: CorsAir HX Series HX850 80+

The other:

Monitor: Main 34GK950F-B / Second: Dell S2409W

Mouse: Logitech G703 (out of 5 its a 3)

Mouse Pad: PureTrak Talent Black (out of 5 its a 5)
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