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�� Smol_Gaymer ��
Just a 5'3" gay man that loves to play games! My primary focus is survival horror but I like all types. :3
�� Tol_Gaymer��
An aviation enthusiast (who is NOT smol, but very tol) who may not be the best at games but still loves them all the same! Tol often streams with Smol on AND off cam.
�� Types of games we play here ��
My main focus is survival horror games, but anything with a good story, fun characters, or entertaining writing will get me to try it out.
We also play multiplayer games such as Dark Souls, Borderlands, Bloodborne, etc. with dual screen captures so the viewer can enjoy two streamers at once.
Lastly we occasionally play 4 play co-op or competitive games with our roommates.
�� Please respect the rules ��
❌ No topic is off limits in chat, just don't be an asshole
❌ Don't advertise your brand in the channel unless given permission
❌ No spoilers or backseat gaming unless I ask for help.
❌ Chests are a reward to my active and dedicated viewers/followers, I will pad and unlock it when I want. Do not ask me to open it.
✔️ That's it, shouldn't be hard
⏰ My Schedule ⏰
9:00PM PST Mon-Fri
(And whenever the I feel like it!)
��Ways to keep in touch! ��
�� Discord ��
�� Twitter ��
�� Instagram ��
�� Facebook ��
��Mah Specs! ��

▪️ Intel i7 6700k Processor at 4.0ghz
▪️ Asus Z170M Plus Motherboard
▪️ 32gb Crucial DDR4 RAM
▪️ EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 Video Card
▪️ 1tb Samsung Evo SSD
▪️ 2tb WD 7200 rpm Hard Drive
▪️ Corsair Obsidian 350D (Windowed) case with Corsair CX 600 PSU
▪️ Asus DVD Writer
▪️ Windows 10 Pro