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Hi, my name is Connor.
Now that that's out of the way please be aware that every second Thursday I identify as a different piece of furniture and if you do not believe in my new found religion then you are a racist.

I'm 25 from Scotland originally, currently living in england! and I run a pretty chill stream, i have my moments where everything can get pretty hyped but all round i'm pretty relaxed. I try to stick to my schedule as much as possible but i'm not a super star ;)

I have a few rules for the stream so if you believe you have been banned wrongfully or have been timed out for whatever reason, please update yourself with the rules below!

1. Don't Be a Dick
we're all here to play/watch games not to get hated on, don't be that guy.

2. No asking for Mod
Mods will be chosen by me personally and will have to remain active on the channel, or the mod will be removed from the list.
If you are a frequent viewer and are nice in chat you may be picked to be mod.

3. No Spam or ALL CAPS RAGE
BotSnappy will surely stop you but in the case i have to stop you, it will be a swift and short 10 minute ban, any repeated offenders will receive harsher punishment.

4. Treat EVERYONE with respect
It is a 13+ stream however if you're just going to join to curse at others and be a "dick" then you will be swiftly removed.

5. No self promoting
It's tough getting yourself noticed but if you're coming here just to promote yourself... Don't bother. You'll be permanently banned and most likely trolled out of the chat.

6. No Dumb Song Requests
This one should be a no brainer but so many kids come here trying to get their next best meme project played on stream. No we do not want to listen to "We Are Number One Bass Boosted Ear Rape Version 2017". This also goes for anything that is not considered "MUSIC" it's called Song request not cancer request.

7. The Streamers Word Is Final.
If i have banned you do not expect to be unbanned. if you have been timed out by me. (unless by accident) do not attempt to contact any of the mods or myself. you will just make your punishment harsher. and lead to us all having to file a harassment report against you. In other words. If you don't like being timed out. don't be a dick.