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My name is Snoopy Assassin i am a Variety streamer and Community Driven. I stream here on Dlive and also on Twitch Different days. My main game is Houseflipper and How to's of the game. I am a pretty relaxed and like to think i have a safe environment for all ages. Be sure my Mods are watching and they have a sharp hammer
These rules are pretty straight forward and are not to be broken.

1. Do NOT swear ... you will be Muted.
2. Do NOT be Racist, Homophobic or Sexist .
3. NO Toxicity in the Chat AT ALL.
4. Don't back seat game unless i ask.
5. Speak English At ALL times.
If you would like to Subscribe you can. It is not asked for but really appreciated. All the money i get on Dlive goes back in to my stream and to the community. i do give back to my mods as they are the backbone of my chat.
Follow me on Instagram for Weird posts, I am an Amateur Photographer that like to take pictures of landscapes. also the odd picture of me and my trusty mask.
Follow me on Twitter for All my updates Including stream times and Silly randomness.

Follow me on The Tube as i will be uploading 2 times a week .... games will be series .... Some story based some Simulator based.
I also Stream on Twitch 3 days a week ...... If you want to follow me there i would greatly Appreciate it.