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Sticker and Animation plus mod services
Sticker, Animated Stickers in progress, and logos plus banners!

Stickers - easy to make

Animated stickers - in progress

Logos - free and easy

Banners - free and easy

Donations are accepted but if you want to send me money irl I'll be grateful click image above

I am the ultimate savage mod 5 streamers accept me as! If you need a savage strict mod im your guy!

Enjoy your stay and all donations will be saved now for a brand new phone!
My Furry Merch Apparel
This shirt was created for my love and compassion for dragons and wolf's! If y appreciate creatures and animals like these please take a look and buy one if y are interested future clothing will be released!

Thanks for taking the time to take a look if you are interested in buying there is currently a promotional code that will save you $10 from the original price. It will never end until a new code for Christmas comes along.

As requested from TeeSpring here is the promotional code FurryArmy ($10 of all apparels shown in store).
Furry Community/Army Discord
If y havent yet please take a moment and join my discord its still in the process of being completed.

Once its done you can enjoy various bots like rhythm, Mee6, Furry Bot, My own discord bot, and many more.

Once discord is complete and announcement will be made in the announcement channel.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Due to rude people joining my discord and commenting unpleasant things, the infinite discord invite link will be removed for the time being. Thank you for understanding and have a nice day UwU
Channel commands
!lino (then add @ with your name)

More commands will be added in the future!
My official Furry Dlive Family
My official Furry Dlive family: 👇👇👇👇

Furry wife: ?

Furry bro: ?

Furry sis:

Furry mom: ?

Furry dad: ?

Furry grandma: ?

Furry grandpa: ?

Furry uncle: ?

Furry aunt: ?