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Hiya, I'm Johnathan. Im a Canadian streamer mainly streaming minecraft now a days, but used to do a lot of competitive shooters and BRs in 2015-2017 back before my streaming break.

Outside of streaming I'm also professional sports broadcaster doing replay with the CFL. I also work as an independent media creator (Fancy way to say waste all my money on cameras).

I started doing this stuff in 2013 and have never regretted doing it! I strive to help others and spread happiness as this world has enough darkness already. My only goal with doing this is to enjoy what I do and help other along the way.

Have any question about me? I'm pretty well an open book, so ask away! Just remember to be decent. 😂
I'm not try to make a good christian stream safe space, but I do strive to make my stream a safe place for everyone to come and chill out.

Don't be afraid to say hello, but be sure to follow a few simple rules to aid in the maintenance of a welcoming community.

The Rules are as following:

Most Important: Be Nice To Others In The Chat.

Exercise decency and avoid certain discussion unless appropriate such as religion, politics, etc. Offenders will be temporarily muted. Repeat offenders can have chat revoked in extreme cases.

Don't Ask to be Modded. The position is earned, not gifted.

Only Stream Clips and YouTube links are not auto deleted for the safety of others. Ask a mod for permission to post any other links.

Don't Self Advertise.

Enjoy your stay, and don't be afraid to say hi. :)
I try to stream during the week, but my line of work doesn't allow me to have a predictable schedule. If you want to never miss a stream, follow my twitter as I give frequent updates and always tweet when I'm live.

Plus I think I have the occasional funny tweet... right guys??
currently semi abandoned, but more to come in late 2020.