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Welcome! You've found the variety gaming streamer voted #6 hardest-to-pronounce name on DLive!*

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Quick 'n' Dirty Stream Guidelines:
* The Golden Rule: If saying/doing something would get you (or me) banned from DLive, don't do it here.
* Try to keep backseat gaming and spoilery stuff to a minimum! I'll ask for help with a game if I need it, I promise!
* No Follow 4 Follow or shameless self-promo. It's cringe. We'll mock you. And then you'll not be chatting here no mo'.
* Be excellent to each other. Feel free to talk about whatever -- I'm big on free and open discussion -- but flame wars are boring. :)

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STEAM: Solgnir|DLive
XBOX LIVE: Solgnir
PSN: timob106


Q: Who the heck are ya?
A: I'm a mid-30s (eek) dude who loves to game and got into streaming in early 2017. I also happen to be a baseball, football (particularly college), and wrasslin' junkie, so feel free to strike up a convo with me on pretty much anything.

Q: How the heck do you pronounce "Solgnir" anyway?
A: Err, I don't even know. Just say it how it sounds! Stick with Sol if there's any doubt. ;) I borrowed this name from my brother many years ago when we played Dark Age of Camelot and just sorta decided to make it mine.

Q: What type of streamer are you?!
A: I'm a variety gamer. I'll stream anything from NES/SNES all the way up to current content. RPGs, MMOs, Hack'n'Slashers...I play 'em all. My favorite series would be Mega Man, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. I do dabble in speedrunning occasionally.

Q: Final Fantasy/Zelda/Mega Man, eh? Which game is the best in (insert series here)?
A: The one I'm playing right now.

Q: So...when do you stream?
A: ...this is a work in progress. I'm in the midst of a schedule change. Stay tuned.