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YERRRRR!!!! Hey guys welcome to my stream!! Just sit back and enjoy since i have no idea what ill be playing most of the time. The stream can be anything from mini games to league of legends to games like: Division 2, 7D2D, Minecraft, Space Engineers, Etc.

Usernames You will see alot: Jak_x21, thedarktwinkie and solidwhiteshadow

About ME :)
I was born in the year 1996 so just had 4 years to what year we are in (4 + 20??) to get my age. Ive been playing games from almost 15 years and i still to this day love playing games since had a SNES. Ive bought every playstation that has come out even the psp vita and pspgo thing that should have not been made. yes i am a sony fan but that doesnt mean i dont like a really good game like forza.

How the chat will work: 1) Dont be Spammy, Shouty etc be a normal person.
2) Don't whinge about the game being played. Or demand that I play another game that meets your
satisfaction. It's rude. I'll play whatever the hell I want.

When will i stream pst: Monday 3-8pm, Wednesday from 4-8pm, Friday 3-8pm
Tuesday and Thursday on and off and if i feel like it
League Of Legends Champs (not in order from best to worst):
Ranked: S2 19lp? lvl 200 account
Top lane: Teemo, Rumble, Daruis
Jungle: Rengar, Sejuani
Mid Lane: Anivia, Aruelien Sol
Adc: Jhin, Kai'sai, Kalista, Caitlyn, lucian
Support: Thresh, blitz, soraka, Leona, Naut, karma, nami, brand

Divison Classes:
Sharpshooter class: Complete
Demolitionist: 25/160
Survivalist: Not started

Space engineers: 1 Stream plus a bit offline
7D2D: Not streamed yet
MInecraft: Not streamed yet