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Howdy all, Just a guy attempting to have fun streaming and maybe get to a better part in life.I hope you all can get some entertainment and fun by sticking around me.

I got a couple rules for chat and such.
1.) No racist/sexual comments and such. I gotta work on making myself a better person and surely everyone can follow along.
2.) No overt Advertisements unless asked for it.
3.) Let's try to be kind each other at the very least.
4.) Let's have some fun on stream.

Q: When do you stream on Dlive?
A: I'm not the type to really carry a schedule. I've tried in the past and it never really works. Generally I stream when I'm not in a terrible mood. Also, I'm not able to stream nearly as often considering the rig I use has new and used parts, some of which are ass in this case. (I'm looking at you i5-3400) But, i do my best.
Q: What is your accent from?
A: Kentucky lol. Everyone makes fun of where I'm from and at this point I'm used to it.
Q: What games you play?
A: Umm, I like to play a random assortment of games, albeit I love story games as well as sandbox games. Lately, I've been playing The Isle and Dark Souls. Also, most played game in almost every single library I've been apart of, (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC) Dota 2 is my most played game. 4793 hours at the time of me writing this description. I hate it but I can't leave it. It's actually quite sad.