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Sons of Single Moms
Sons of Single Mom is a mentoring site for young boys and grown men who were raised by single mothers. We also are sons of single mothers and we know it's impossible for a woman to teach a boy how to be a man. Victor, Albert, Carlos, Dave,Bobby and Turrelle teach the things they've learned growing up without a father to shave the learning curve for other fatherless boys.
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Learn Your Rights
The Law of the Living or Law of God is called Natural Law or Common Law. The Law of the Dead or the Law of the Sea, is called Maritime Law or Admiralty Law. The United States Consitution is based upon the Law of God/Natural/CommonLaw. Communists in the U.S. have hidden our knowledge of Common Law and tricked us into Admiralty Law. Knowing the difference between the two sets of laws can determine you winning a court case and having the judge walk out of the courtroom forcing the judge to dismiss the case. Common Law is where your rights as a Living Man of Living Woman created under God reside and it can save you a lot of trouble in life as long as you don't violate the Common Law. We've been tricked into thinking Common Law isn't important or is passe and is no longer needed. This couldn't be further from the truth. The Creator's laws cannot be thrown out by the laws of His creation and. God's Law still stands and it still relevant as much today as when the Founding Fathers discovered it. Learn this Common Law here at the National Liberty Alliance. They have free Civics courses to learn a much simpler and much more effective way of dealing with Maritime subverters. Government is not the master, the PEOPLE under God are the masters. LEARN YOUR RIGHTS
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