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Supporting Users of Awesomeness!!!!!!!!
Would like to give a Huge thanks to these People on the list ... They make this Community what it is and we need more people like them!!!


These People have made our time here on DLive a massive amount of fun!!!

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Donations are not a "must" but they do support me and the stream.
Every Donation Goes right back in to increase my Streams Quality!!

Special Donations Acknowledgement!!

⚡️Shikabane $100
⚡️Lochdanon $140

Thank you so much for your Support!!!
>❗️ Please Be respectful at all times we are trying to build a Community that anyone ... young and old can feel good about!!!
>❗️ Don't post links without permission.
>❗️ Don't promote your own channel or others.
>❗️ Caps lock can be your friend ... Don't abuse your friend!! :)
>❗️ No Spam or Trolling we are here to have fun my Daughter is 14 and I want her to have a safe environment.
>❗️ Watch the Language in chat ... I myself can and will swear on occasion as well as my Guildies but i try to limit it the best i can :)
>❗️Follow the instructions of my mod's
>❗️ Dont ask about Opening the Chests ... These are here for the Streamer to decide when the time is right. I want to Maximize the
Chest loot as much as possible so I might wait till there are a certain number of Viewers.

I am a Daily Streamer can be pretty much ANYTIME.. ANY DAY!!!

Games Currently Playing:
World of Warcraft
Borderlands 2
Minecraft .. I'm a total noob so i'm going to have my Daughter teach me while i stream!!

I will take suggestions though i like to play just about anything.
Thinking about playing more Horror games ... but im not sure how much people want to see a 41 year old man crying!!!!


I am a 41 Year old gamer and my Daughter is 14 she is a Fortnite player ... way better than i am!! ..I myself Love playing just about anything i can get my hands on .. right now its mainly Borderlands 2 ,The Division 2, and World of Warcraft .. getting ready for the upcoming Borderlands 3 !!! Cant wait for that .. come join us and hit that follow button we stream just about anytime day and night!! Very new to D-Live looks great so far cant wait to get in there and check it out. We will talk to the chatters so if you want to say hi please do we get bored if no ones on and talking we tend to play more multi player games rather than flying solo but i will if need be.

My setup is nothing to Pricey but its worked for so far.
Nvidia 1080 Liquid Cooled I7 system with the white Razer Kraken v.2 headphones and my mic is a Razer Seiren Elite
just running a cheaper but nice Corsair keyboard and a UtechSmart Venus Mouse that i really like

My Daughters system is an AMD i built last year still runs and games like a champ!!

Our Youtube channel is

It started to get more Subs there thx to my Daughter that has been Live streaming and editing vids for fortnite.

but thats about it for me and as always Have Fun and Happy Gaming Everyone!!!!
Moving back to Twitch
after a bit of thought i have decided to move back to twitch. The treasure chests really have killed it for alot of smaller streamers like us. Welcome to come see us at

Thank you everyone for the support as we started to stream on Dlive was a great time early on and some great memories made!!!!