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Soundpilot's platform above the cloud layer is dedicated to original music and original video. All zones are free to enter at any time.

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Live looping and video manipulation
Soundpilot multicasts to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Trovo and DLive. Between the main terminal and the sub basement, there's a lot to watch and listen to. Stop by!
All Pieces written and performed by Rick Sacks

Looping Vibraphone and Percussion:
The Principals of Causal Completeness and Reciprocity 10 minutes
Connect The Dots: 7 minutes
Spiders’ Rendezvous 10 minutes

Acoustic Drumkit (plus video and/or small percussion():
I DOES ART 1.25 minutes
Shaken Not Stirred 12 minutes
Decoherence Recoherence 3 minutes
The Chase Trilogy:
Chase 3 minutes
Run 8 minutes
The Interrogation 4 minutes

V-Drums and Video:
Drumhead 3 minutes
Train 4 minutes
Dance Gallery: 4.5 minutes
Road Trip : 4 minutes
Light From and Alien Sun 8 minutes
Machine Learning 4 minutes
The Merrymakers 5.25 minutes

Vibraphone Solos by other people:
Linda Catlin Smith’s Clouds - 12 minutes
Linda Catlin Smith’s Jackolantern 1.5 minutes
Christopher Fox’s an extraordinary mildness 8 minutes

Puzzle Pieces on MalletKAT:
Clown Fish
Cats and Flowers
Mr. Big and His Friends